Aims and Objectives

• To teach and educate people about the healthcare and provide them free medical facilities for the treatment of diseases by setting up dispensaries and a mobile health clinic
• To establish an educational institution for the children of underprivileged and less fortunate families who have the desire to study but don’t have the funds for it.
• To provide technical education to the women about handicraft, sewing,
• stitching and embroidery so that the poor women can be empowered and may be able to earn an honest living
• Efforts will be made to provide dowry and other necessary articles for marriages of orphans and needy persons both male and female everywhere
• To discourage maltreatment against women and provide them free legal aid at the time of distress
• To discourage drugs addicts from the use of narcotics and intoxicating
• substances and spread awareness about their dangerous effects
• To provide, set up and manage schools and colleges in order to do our best in increasing the literacy rate
• To give stipends, grants and scholarships to deserving students and prepare them for higher education.
• To set up a computer study center, information technology center and also create awareness about the advantages of modern education and the digital world.
• To set up a dispensary for free medical treatment of the general public and also to provide ambulance service.
• To promote the awareness in order to eliminate the environment pollution and urge the people to grow more plants and trees to ensure neat healthy environment for all.
• To provide free food to the poor people.


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